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Lesson 2
Shrinking the Cross: Pretending and Performing.
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  • Unknown (Tuesday, December 07 10 01:03 pm EST)


  • Elizabeth (Sunday, December 12 10 03:15 pm EST)

    1)An example of a rule you have made for myself that does make me feel good is when i made the rule of reading the Bible. Iusually read the Bible in the morning before getting ready for school.
    2) This rule has given me a seense of self-righteousness because I have a feeling that it's pleasing God and my parents when I do that. I feel like God is looking down at me when I am reading the
    3) When I see that they don't read the bible I would judge and pretend that i am better than them. I feel less and less connected to them because I think I know that they dont read the Bible so i
    would keep less contact with them.

  • Elsa (Sunday, December 12 10 07:58 pm EST)

    1.An example of a rule i have made for myself that makes me feel good is praying before i go to sleep. But it irritates me when i foret to pray.
    2.this rule gives me a sense of self righteousness because i feel I'm making God happy that I took time to talk to him.
    3. when I hear that people didn't pray at night or in the morning I judge them. So then i feel better than that person.

  • Anu (Sunday, December 12 10 09:00 pm EST)

    1) A rule that I had in mind was, when I pray before I read the Bible to get understanding. I either forget to do this rule or I am just lazy to do it sometimes. Sometimes I don’t do that and I say
    that it is okay. I feel very bad because when I don’t do this I am not giving love to God like he is to me.
    2) This rule gives me a sense of self-righteousness. Self-righteousness is a big mistakes very does. I say that it is okay not to pray just for one day. Of course there are people who do it every day
    but maybe some people would say that their prayers are better so they only have to do it every other day, and I am one of those people. It makes me think that I am just fine.
    3) There are times when I don’t see some people following this rule. But instead of making me be in the same level I make myself higher. Like saying that I have better prayers than the other person.
    Or I don’t forget to do it more frequently.

  • Andrew (Sunday, December 19 10 07:05 pm EST)

    1. A rule that i try to follow is to pray everyday. I think i do this rule because its very convenient. I could do it right when i wake up or in the middle of class.
    2. This rule has been giving me self righteous because i feel that i`m at least communicating with god and doing one of the things you should do everyday. If i don`t read the bible i might tell
    myself that i prayed so its fine.
    3. Mastering this rule keeps me loving other people because when i pray I pray for myself and others. If i`m having a conversation with someone and they`re going through a difficult time I might tell
    them that I will pray for them.

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